Chairman Desk

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We at Aryabhatta World School  truly believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. We provide abundant opportunities and guidance to our students to transform their personalities . Our motto at AWS is to provide affordable and meaningful growth options for our students. We have a unique mentorship program where each individual student is given specific attention through personalized mentoring. We help our students in developing their skills, where we not only just focus on the technical aspects but we also provide equal attention to the skills development. Through our 360 degree mentoring program.

AWS understands the importance of every student’s desire for personal and career success. Our pledge to you is not only to create abundant opportunity by offering the very best educational programs, but also to provide comprehensive and accessible student services to foster their success.

I look forward to welcome you to Aryabhatta World School and assure you that your ward is in a safe, 100% ragging free and homely environment and has started his journey

“Excellence through Continuous Improvement”

Dr. Ridhima Shastri

Chairman & Director

Aryabhatta Group of Colleges